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By the rivers Christian counselling services for Ontario, including Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Mississauga, GTA, Kitchener.


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Welcome to the counselling practice of Jamie Clahane.  Jamie is a registered psychotherapist and a spiritual care worker from the Christian tradition.  She provides virtual, online counselling for people in Ontario, Canada who are looking to integrate their Christian faith with their mental health recovery.

About Therapy

Jamie provides clinical counselling for individuals struggling with various concerns. People reach out for counselling during times of grief & loss, illness or life transition to receive emotional support and gain new perspective in their lives. At other times people may be struggling with emotional and behavioural patterns that cause ongoing disruption in their lives and relationships. At times like this psychotherapy is often needed to uncover deeper root issues in need of healing. People may be struggling with stress & anxiety, depression, addiction recovery, OCD, eating disorders, complex grief, PTSD and relationship dysfunction, among other issues.


Pastoral psychotherapy means that Jamie has training in both psychotherapy and pastoral care and is able to approach recovery from a more holistic point of view.  This is a safe and non-judgmental place where people can come, whatever their background or spiritual walk, to receive care and support.  Jamie is a counsellor from the Christian tradition and often works with other Christians who are seeking to integrate their life in Christ with their personal growth and healing. She is respectful and honouring of the Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox traditions in the faith. 

First Session Consultation

The first session is a one-hour consultation that gives people the opportunity to try a virtual session with Jamie from the comfort of their home.  It gives people the opportunity to meet with Jamie to share their story and for them to assess the fit.

Appointment & Fee

Most insurance companies cover the services of a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario. The fee is $130 per session paid by debit or credit.  Sessions are usually on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  A receipt will be issued, which can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement.  Non-reimbursed services of a psychotherapist are recognized as a medical expense eligible for tax credit.  


I offer services for people anywhere in Ontario including, Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, GTA, Ottawa, Kitchener, etc.

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